Golf Courses In Laos, Vientiane

Dansavanh Golf & Country Club is well known for its unique world class standard golf resort in Laos. It is undoubtedly one of a kind location with views of Nam Ngum Lake —“the Lake Geneva of Asia”— and highland forests of palms and pines at heights going from about one thousand to two thousand feet above sea level. 

This course has a number of stimulating doglegs. 8 out of 18 holes is a dogleg. Five of the dogleg angle to the right while three angle around to the left. Hence, a well-placed and strategized shot off a tee is truly important. If you are unable to cut the corner with your tee shot or hit it long enough to curve the ball round the bend, a good strategy for straight hitters is to tee your ball at the same side of the tee box as the dogleg goes, e.g., dogleg left, tee it left.

On top of the magnificent views of one of Asia’s largest lakes as you play in the championship course, you will also experience getting pass Dansavanh’s water features throughout the course. Water hazards come into play for at least 13 of the holes at the fine resort.

The layout tends to be hilly in places and if you are not used to walking on terrains like this, you will find that this course will tire you out if you chose to hoof it. However, it is undoubtedly a championship track in a beautiful site; you will be tempted to come back for more.

Dansavanh Golf  Country Club Laos

Holes / Par / Yardage:
18 Holes/ Par 72/ 6900 Yards


45-60km from Vientiane City Centre

2. Lao Country Club, Vientiane, Laos

Loa Country Club has one of the oldest golf infrastructures in Laos but yet it is always kept in optimal playing conditions. The Course in Lao Country Club is always kept in tip top condition as it is always professionally and carefully maintained. The fairways are quite gentle, making it easy to walk the whole course, with slight elevation change from the highest to the lowest ground on the property. One can easily find water on this course. The water bodies create an interesting distraction which may steal your concentration and cause your shots to be wayward.

Get a hint of what is coming your way when you embark on the first hole where decorative water surrounds the tee boxes on the left and right sides with water flowing almost 349 yards from the black tee to the green. The 75 yards to the greens have water on its right side which aims to punish wayward shots. The first hole is only the beginning. It is a great beginning as it has allowed you to experience the style of the course without having a water body in the way.

Loa Country Club Laos

Some Tee offs have water bodies directly in front of them but these water bodies are meant to decorate, beautify and add psychological barriers rather than being strategically placed because the distance to overcome the water hazards are relatively short. The fairways are usually quite wide and bunkers are well positioned in the landing areas. The greens are well trimmed and mowed which gives your ball a good speed with noencroaching foreign grasses prevalent.

Holes / Par / Yardage:
18 holes / par 72 / 6005 yards

Green / Caddy / Buggy Fees:
47.00 – 71.00 USD / 9.00 USD /NA

30 minutes from Vientiane city center

Long Vien Golf Club is currently has 36 holes since November 3, 2012. The Golf Course was created to neatly integrate with the terrain and natural vista. 36 international-standard fairways are 72 par long 15,076 yards. The roughs and fairway grasses are kept fertile and healthy. The old trees are perfect for just enough shade and there are a wide range of beautiful flowers in the fairways. The lighting system for the 36 fairways meets the international standards. The water spraying system is controlled by computer, ensuring that the grasses are in its’ best conditions for a game of golf all year round.

At Long Vien Golf Course, the 9 eastern fairways are harmonic in sunlight lakes and forests. Greens are protected by lakes winding along each fairway; hence, golfers have to carefully select the correct golf club to use. The 9 western fairways is truly an enjoyable golf course. The sand bunkers are being carefully hidden by a combination of rolling and wavy fairway. This creates an opportunity to sift out golfers from different levels of skill.

Long Vien Golf Club Laos

The club is well fitting with many facilities. One noteworthy facility is the chipping and practicing ground. Wildz casino is a very famous gambling platform for Indian players. Look at this Wildz review and learn all advantages and disadvantages of this gambling site. The analysis has been written by gambling experts from, and only useful information was included. Practicing greens have the same texture and surface with greens on the fairway. It has a length of 300 yards, width of 130 yards for 30 golfers to practice simultaneously.

Holes / Par / Yardage:
18 holes / Par 72 / 15,076 yards


Green / Caddy / Buggy Fees:
298,000 – 398,000 LAK /98,000 LAK/ 158,000 – 178,000 LAK

23 km from Vientiane City Centre

4. SEA Games Golf Club, Vientiane, Laos

The SEA Games Golf Club is equipped with a unique 27 -hole special golf lay for golfers to dive into this lovely course. This course has proudly held the twenty-fifth Southeast Asian Games. Being situated approximately 10 miles northeast of the city, the course is an unbeatable escape from the hustle and bustle of the city lifestyle. The area is perfect for a getaway as it is surrounded by Laos woodlands’ pastoral flora and fauna.

In this golf course, you will find some holes being surrounded by water bodies; commonly seen in championship layouts and the golf course. However, these are not the hazardous pool of water that golfers typically see. They are wide and compliment the stunning landscape.The largest water bodies are over 1,000 yards in length and bounded by 7 holes. 7 of the water bodies on the Lao Woodland define the tangential playing section for eighteen of the 27 holes in the golf course.

SEA Games Golf Club will be comparable to South Florida Golf in terms of terrain to the ones that are generally flat with links sort of tracks. Despite the variation in elevation across the twenty holes, the elevation is approximately 15 feet. For some greens, they may seem like island greens because they are being surrounded by water but they are in fact, peninsular. You definitely do not want to hit long into these selected greens or else you have may end up losing your ball. To sum up, this course gives you a peninsular feeling as you observe water left and right from many of the fairways, tees, and greens.

SEA Games Golf Club Laos

Boo Young Co., Ltd

Holes / Par / Yardage:
27 holes / par 72


Green / Caddy / Buggy Fees:
249,000 – 310,000 KIP /91,000 KIP / 146,000KIP

16 miles northeast of the city center


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