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Most of Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate. As it is a big country, temperatures can vary significantly from area to area.

Yangon’s average annual temperature is 27.3 °C, while the average annual rainfall is 2378 mm.Bago’s average annual temperature is 23.2 °C, while the average annual rainfall is 1619 mm.

The seasons in Myanmar are as follow:

  • Cool – November to February are the best months to visit because rain is unlikely and it is the least humid time of the year when air is warm and the clearest. Since this is the most comfortable time to visit, it is also the peak tourist season.
  • Hot – March to May are months that most of the country is intensely hot. Rain is also unlikely. Most of Myanmar can be dusty and hazy, hindering scenic views.
  • Rainy – June to October are monsoon months with high rainfall. Yangon and Bago experience long and constant rainfall from June to August. Rain is less intense in September and October.

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