The Do’s and Don’t when travelling in Turkey

Turkey, one of the most visited countries in the world, is an amazingly diverse and complex country. As Turkey is a Muslim country, you always need to exercise great respect for their local tradition and culture. Even in a cosmopolitan city like Istanbul, people understandably revere their traditional customs. Turks are inherently very hospitable and welcome visitors who show an appreciation for their customs. If you are planning a trip, these Do’s and Don’ts will help to make your visit much more enriching.

Visiting mosques
As with any place of worship, visitors should speak quietly and behave respectfully. Mosques are usually closed to visitors during prayer times.

Visiting traditional (non-tourist) areas

Interacting with Turks
Hospitality is at the heart of Turkish culture. Turks are welcoming, friendly, willing to offer help and have a chat.

In restaurants or cafes

Tipping in Turkey


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