Tips for the Best Golf Holiday

1. Ask the Experts

We know our own game inside and out but how do we choose which courses would be best for us? The problem increases when visiting golfing destinations in Europe where in some cases there can be up to 50 courses to choose from! Being on a golfing holiday means for many a chance to play a variety of courses but we also like to feel comfortable, it’s not so much fun paying good money to play a course that is either too easy or far too difficult. Speak to someone who has at least been to and preferably played the courses in the area you are considering, a good Singapore golf tour operator should be able to tell you what will suit you best ensuring that you get the maximum enjoyment from your golfing holiday.

2. Choose your base wisely

Again, it makes sense to ask people who have already been the area. It may be you want to stay in a hotel located on a golf course so that you can be surrounded in beautiful golfing scenery and when it comes to playing you can simply step out onto the first tee immediately after breakfast. Or you may prefer to have lots of bars and restaurants within walking distance and are happy to drive or have transfers out to the golf courses you wish to play. Most likely, this will depend on the make up of your group and the length of your holiday. Either way, speak to your tour operator and ask for their advice. Don’t just pick a nice picture from a brochure or website, find out if the accommodation provides all that you require. You may even want to consider a two or three centre holiday to allow you to explore different areas and play different courses.

3. Travelling companions

Often the make or break of any holiday can be the company you keep! Decide who is travelling and how many people. Often discounts are available for groups of 8 or more and large groups can even get a few freebies thrown in. You may be looking for a corporate break that requires meeting facilities or a special evening meal. It’s not just big groups that can benefit, there are plenty of offers for couples, often at golf resorts and spa treatments are also available and some are free.

4. Book Early

There are very few people that would disagree that the most important element of a golfing holiday is the golf! If you want tee times that suit you and your group the best way to ensure this is to book early, the closer you are to the time of travel, the busier the courses are likely to be making it more difficult to get the tee-times your require. Plus, many golf tour operators will have incentives and discounts for anyone able to book well in advance.

5. Driving you mad

Do you need to hire a car? If you think you are likely to do a lot of exploring and enjoy having your freedom then it is likely you will need to hire a car. A good golf holiday operator will provide you with detailed maps and directions as well as a hire car from a reputable company. If you are staying on a golf resort and don’t intend to venture out much then you are most likely better off saving your money for the odd taxi fare. Transfers are also an option, that way you can relax and enjoy being chauffeured around with the added bonus of not having to worry about drink driving.

6. Flying high

We all love to get a low cost air fare to start our golfing holiday off. Sadly, there are often hidden extras such as airport taxes and charges for luggage and now nearly all the airlines charge for the carriage of golf clubs. Ask your tour operator to find you the best possible deals on flights from your local airports.

7. Offers, Offers Offers

There are always offers available from golf tour operators. Whether you are looking for money off, free golf, free spa entrance, HB, early booking incentives or a free t-shirt, make sure you ask what is available. Better still, check out the offers pages on their websites, then you already have an idea of what is available and the cost.

8. Fun in the Sun

One of the major benefits of a golfing holiday abroad, apart from the great courses, is the weather. Have a think about when you would like to go, are you happy playing in the heat of the summer? There are often many great deals at this time of year as the courses are less busy. Would you like to escape the gloomy winter of the UK? Spain and Portugal can offer quite pleasant golfing conditions throughout the winter months, so make the most of golf in the sun!

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9. Rules & Regulations

Many courses have strict policies concerning players that you should be aware of before you book. Soft spikes are a must in most destinations now and many courses will ask for you to provide a handicap certificate. Find out before you go – don’t leave it to chance and then be turned away. Your golf tour operator should have such information on all of the courses they are selling so find out what is required at the time of booking.

10. Relax

you have contacted a good golf holiday tour operator so that you don’t have to worry about the fuss of the arrangements. Just enjoy your golf and your holiday, and …… don’t forget your passport!

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