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Toronto, Niagara, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec have a warm summer continental climate. Toronto has an average temperature of 8.3 °C and annual rainfall of 785 mm, while Niagara’s temperature is 8.65 °C and rainfall 887 mm, Kingston’s temperature is 6.9 °C and rainfall 925 mm, Ottawa’s temperature is 6.0 °C and rainfall 868 mm, Montreal’s temperature is 6.4 °C and rainfall 975 mm, and Quebec’s temperature is 4.8 °C and rainfall 1101 mm.

Calgary, Banff, Jasper and Whistler have a cold and temperate climate. Calgary’s average temperature is 3.4 °C and annual rainfall 428 mm, while Banff’s average temperature is 1.8 °C and rainfall 511 mm, Jasper’s temperature is 2.9 °C and rainfall 469 mm, and Whistler’s temperature is 5.9 °C and rainfall 1113 mm.

Kamloops has a steppe climate with average temperature of 8.6 °C and annual rainfall 305 mm, while Vancouver’s climate is warm and temperate with average temperature of 9.9 °C and annual rainfall 1283 mm.

The seasons in Toronto, Niagara, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Kamloops and Vancouverare as follow:

The seasons in Calgary, Banff, Jasper and Whistler are as follow:

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