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About 58 miles due south of the city of Brisbane is Australia’s largest metropolis – The Gold Coast. This is a conurbation of Tweed Heads, New South Wales and the Greater Brisbane Metropolis. Although the Origin of the Gold Coast is not cast in stone like other regions of Australia, the name ‘Gold Coast’ was given to it by real estate magnates. The first European to get to Gold Coast was John Oxley who landed at the Mermaid Beach. Today, it is an exclusive holiday destination for the well-heeled Brisbane residents. Below are a few facts about the place that you may need to know.

1. With 5000 square kilometers land mass, 590,000 people and 70km of pristine coastline, Gold Coast is the 6th largest metropolis in Australia and one of the most beautiful places on earth.

2. The city is home to 100,000ha of nature reserves and World Heritage sites, of which large part is a subtropical rainforest.

3. Climate – The Gold Coast have an average of 287 days of sunshine, summer is December to February and it averages 19-29 degrees Celsius (66 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit) while winter is from June to August with an average temperature of 9 – 21 degrees Celsius (48 to 69 Fahrenheit). The sub-tropical temperature averages at about 22 degrees Celsius which makes Gold Coast a remarkably ideal vacation area.

4. Gold Coast is Australia’s leading tourist destination with an average of 11 million per annum. Interestingly, the city has been able to double its GDP to about AUS$18.9 in a period of 10 years. It averages a 5% GDP growth every year.

5. Gold Coast is home to Australia’s most diverse cultures, ethnicity, and vegetation. You will find Aborigines, Africans, Australians, Americans, Europeans, Asians and Latinos within its precincts.

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