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Most of Taiwan enjoys warm climate throughout the year. The north part of Taiwan is of sub-tropical climate, while the south part is of tropical climate.

Taipei’s average annual temperature is 22.0 °C, while the average annual rainfall is 2574 mm.Taichung’s average temperature is 22.1 °C, while the average rainfall is 1700 mm.Nantou’s average temperature is 22.5 °C, while the average rainfall is 1825 mm. Hsinchu’s average temperature is 21.8 °C, while the average rainfall is 1801 mm.

The seasons in Taiwan are as follow:

  • Spring – March to May are months when the day is generally warm with occasional drizzling rain to bring about cool breezes. The beginning of March also marks the start of cherry blossom season.
  • Summer – June to August are months that the country is hot and humid, with frequent rain and possibility of typhoons.
  • Autumn – September to November are good months to see the fall foliage in the mountains. While it is sunny, the temperature gets cooler. There is relatively less rainfall in October and November.
  • Winter – December to February are comfortable months when the temperature ranges from 15 to 20°C. The country’s mild winter is a good time to appreciate maple trees.

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