Why You Should Visit Bali

15 reasons why you should travel to Bali this year!


Balinese people are one of the most kind people you will ever meet. You are greeted with the most wonderful smile, all day, everyday. Even when people do not have a lot to share they still do share whatever they have. Each time my heart is enlightened by the generousisty of the Balinese people. They really make you feel at home on their island.


The nature at Bali is wonderful, you just have to know where to go too. Places like Ubud and Lovina will blow your mind. The colors of the nature are at it’s best over there and the beauty of mother nature will blow your mind. I mean, Kintamani and Mount Batur….both breathtakingly beautiful.
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Eventhough it is a lot of fun to hang out with your friends at Kuta or Seminyak beach, this is not the reason why everybody is raving about the beautiful beaches of Bali. Discover the island and I will promise you that you will find one of the many secret beaches with where the water is blue and the sand is actually white.


Bali has the best and luxurious beachclubs that you will ever go to. From KuDeTa to Mr. Potatohead, Bali truly caters to all your wishes that are filled with luxury and gorgeousness. For everybody that loves do indulge in infinity pools, delish coctails while watching the sun set, Bali is the place to be.


Spa treatments can be very expensive in the Western world but in Bali it is quite affordable, well, it is really cheap. In the spa’s, yes the normal ones, no happy endings, it is the normaly price to pay for a full our of relaxation. Where in the western world you can easily pay up to 90 dollar for an hourly massage in Bali you can get a spa treatment from 5 dollars and up. However, I would like to say that even though the treatments are very cheap it does not mean that you have to be. Tip the person that is doing your treatment well! Just because the treatment is 5 bucks does not mean that the person giving your treatment will get that amount. They only get a really small percentage so be kind and generous.


The local food in Bali is amazing. Almost every warung offers the best local dishes, from satay ayam, to soto ayam, to nasi goreng. You will eat delicious meals for very affordable prices.


Besides the local warungs (local eatshops) you can also induldge in one of the many fine dine restaurants where they serve all kinds of food. From sushi restaurants to amazing Italian restaurants to the French cuisine, Balli offers a great variety of restaurants with influences from all over the world.


For all those who love to surf, Bali is famous for its waves. The surfer community in Bali is very big. Join the community and surf together. If you can’t surf yet but would love to learn, no worries, there are plenty of certified surf instructors and surfschools available!


Bali actually has one of the most beautiful Botanic Garden I have ever visited. Everything in the garden is so beautiful that it looks fake, because, does this beauty of nature actually still exist? I was in awe when I first wandered through one of the gardens. You will have an amazing time there, pinky promise.
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Yes, shopping. Not within big shopping malls (even though Bali has a few good malls as well) but the small boutiques. In the boutiques you can find a great variety of clothing, from traditional Balinese clothing by Balinese designers to hip and trendy shirts and skirts from non Indonesian designers. The Bali Boutiques are great! You will love it, your wallet might not.
Also a must visit are the local shopping markets in Ubud. You will get lost between all the beautiful colors, from necklaces to handbags, to handcrafted statues and silver jewelry, Ubud has it all.

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Yes, I could not leave the famous Bintang Bear out of the top 15. I do not like to drink beer that much but for some reason the Bintang is always a nice treat while watching the sunset at the beach with your friends. It is cool, refreshing and delicous. Just remember, A bintang beer is a YAY a bintang t-shirt is a NAY. haha.


Bali has the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises that you will ever see. The sky is beautiful, each and everytime. The colors are amazing, from 50 shades of pink to 50 shades of purple. From 50 shades of yellow to 50 shades of orange. You get the point right? The 50 shades are amazing, in each color. Fortunately we don’t have to worry about the 50 shades of grey in Bali.


Dancing in your flipflops, bare feet, high heels, everything is possible. Can you even mention one other place where they have this amazing combination. As a Dutchie, I can’t imagine that I enter a club in Holland on my flip flops, I will be thrown out within a second. haha. In Bali, nothing is impossible, you can be you, the way that you want to be at that time and moment. Bali has great party’s, from those at the ‘biggest nightclub of Bali’ Skygarden to underground party’s at Pyramid. Party’s at the beach or one of the other clubs and cafe’s. Bali knows how to rock. You will dance your ass of and I can promise that you will have the night of your life!


One of the things I personally as a travelblogger love is the great variety of luxury hotels and villa’s that Bali offers for quite some affordable prices. You can stay in a 4 star resort for a week for the same amount that you would pay for 1 day in a similar venue in Europe or the States. The Hotels and villa’s will make you feel like a king/queen. You can truly rest here and enjoy a beautiful day full of sun and fun within your own comfort.


Bali has a great culture and history to it. The temples that you can find in almost every street are so amazing to see, you don’t see that in the Western World. Beautiful touristic places like ‘Tanah Lot and Uluwatuh’ are a must visit!

There are many statues of Hindu Gods, but do you know why? Who they are? I think it is time to discover it don’t you think.

Book your ticket to Bali for this summer and we will discover it together !

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